who we are

Licensed in both California and Oregon, Winema Electric is a family-owned electrical contracting company that has served the Klamath Basin and surrounding areas for nearly half a century. With values deeply rooted in relationships, the Winema team seeks to nurture and build the communities in which they work through supporting local needs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

With vast experience in commercial, industrial, residential, and solar system electrical installations, as well as telecommunications and fiber optic wiring, Winema’s team of licensed electricians are highly trained and highly efficient.

Our Mission

We seek always to operate within a code of excellence, exercising safe and productive work practices, performing the highest quality and quantity of work possible, and utilizing our skills and abilities for the maximum benefit of our customers and community.

Pleasing our customers depends on maintaining the highest standards of safety, quality job performance and excellent service. In support of that goal, we believe the atmosphere and culture at work should be one of understanding and teamwork. The spirit of cooperation is something we have achieved, and we make every effort to bring the attitude of cooperation and teamwork to every job site.

Licensing & Qualifications

  • Licensed in California
    CA Electrical License No. 391729

  • Licensed in Oregon
    OR Electrical License No. 18-32C

  • Construction Contractors Board
    OR CCB 2467

  • Electricians are licensed in California & Oregon

  • All electricians are members of the IBEW
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

  • Solar installation experts

  • Owner, Bill Schmeck
    Licensed in CA and OR; 20+ year veteran

  • General Foreman, Phillip Aguon
    Licensed in CA and OR; 5+ year veteran

  • Office Admin & Safety Coordinator, Jared Schmeck