Think Safe: Power Tools

This safety tip goes out to all you DIY folks and weekend warriors!

Chances are that most of you have some form of power tool in your house. Maybe it is a drill or a hand saw of some sort - or maybe you have a full shop on your property for a wide variety of jobs and DIY projects.

Regardless of familiarity and ease of use with power tools, or battery operated vs. electrical, it is important to remain vigilant when working with tools in order to prevent injury.

OSHA gives us a few simple recommendations when it comes to using power tools safely:

  • Follow instructions in the user’s manual.

  • Disconnect tools when not using them, before servicing them or cleaning them.

  • Keep cords away from sharp edges, heat, oil and other chemicals.

  • Do not carry the tool by the cord or hose.

  • Do not yank on the cord or hose to unplug the tool.

  • Do not hold fingers on the switch or trigger unless you intend to activate the tool.

  • Maintain your tools, keeping the bits or blades sharp and the tools clean. A clean tool is much safer than a dirty one.

  • Use good footing and maintain good balance when operating any power tool.

  • Wear the proper apparel (gloves, eye protection, clothing that is not loose, etc).

 Today’s in-home power tools have come a long way in terms of application and safety; however, keeping these tips in mind can help you remain safe and injury-free so you can keep on tackling your home improvements or other projects.