Think Safe: Your Kitchen

For many of us, our kitchens are a primary gathering place within our homes - whether you’re cooking and preparing meals, eating with your family, or gathering with friends. But did you know that nearly 70% of all house fires begin in the kitchen?

Here are a few tips to keep your kitchen safe.

  • Keep it clean. Ensure that your stove and oven don’t have a build-up of grease and food, both of which can lead to a fire.

  • Be aware of water sources. Not only can water be a potential slipping hazard, when appliances are placed on counter tops, be sure to keep them at a safe distance from the sink or other sources of water in order to avoid electric shock…and never use an appliance that is not fully dry!

  • Use GFCI-protected outlets. GFCI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, outlets should be used for all appliances placed on your counters. These receptacles have two buttons (most often they say “TEST” and “RESET”) and monitor the flow of electricity in a circuit, quickly switching power off if any loss of current occurs.

  • Unplug a little. Not using your toaster or another counter top appliance? Unplug it!

If you were to suffer an electrical shock from an appliance, immediately stop what you are doing, turn the power off to the appliance at the circuit breaker in your electrical panel, and contact one of our licensed electricians!

With this little bit of knowledge, you will be on your way to making your kitchen and your entire home a safer place for your family and loved ones.


We recommend you check your GFCI outlets at least once a month to ensure they are functioning properly. Simply press the ‘TEST’ button on the GFCI outlet. It will click if functioning properly and will stop power from reaching the outlets protected on that circuit. To reactivate, simply press the ‘RESET’ button. This means your GFCI outlets are functioning properly. If it turns out that they are not functioning properly, contact Winema Electric, Inc. Our qualified, licensed electricians can replace these for you.

More importantly, if you discover that your kitchen, bathrooms, etc. are not GFCI protected call us and we can install them for you. These devices are imperative to your electrical safety in your home.