Think Safe: Homeowner Safety Tips

Keeping your home safe and comfortable is one of your primary goals as a homeowner, and keeping your electrical systems properly functioning is one key means to accomplishing that goal. It is important to remember that working on your own electrical system without sufficient knowledge and training can lead to injury and even death; however, there are some basic things that you can learn about and be on the lookout for to prevent future issues.

 …and as always, if you believe there is a problem with the electrical system in your home be sure to call us at Winema Electric, Inc. to get connected with a licensed electrician who can help you solve any issues safely.

  • Learn about your electrical panel.
    What kind of panel do you have? Is your home still running on the old fuse-style panel? If so, call us to replace it! Is your panel safe? There are some older panels that are no longer being manufactured due to the fact that they presented fire hazards. If you have an older panel, you may want to look into replacing it. Leave the cover on your panel and feel the cover with your bare hand. Is it hot to the touch? Your electrical panel should never be hot to the touch at any time. If it is, call us!

  • Is your circuit breaker tripping?
    If a breaker trips it is most often because that circuit is being overloaded. We typically see this happening in the kitchen, where there are a several appliances plugged in on the counter top. If you remove these appliances from the circuit and the breaker still trips then you may have a different problem. Contact our professionals at Winema Electric, Inc and we will troubleshoot the problem and fix it!

  • Are any of your electrical surfaces, switches, or receptacles hot to the touch?
    Just as your electrical panel should never be hot to the touch, the receptacles and switches in your house should also not be hot to the touch. If they are, there may be an electrical hazard. Call us!

  • Do you smell something burning but can’t seem to find the source?
    Call us! By using the odor test you can identify a potential electrical or fire hazard.

  • Have you tested and reset recently?
    Test your GFCI receptacles regularly (most commonly found in the kitchen and bathroom)! GFCI receptacles can be identified by the ‘Test’ and ‘Reset’ buttons on them. Push the ‘Test’ button at least once a month. If the GFCI is working properly, you should hear a little ‘click’ as the ‘Reset’ button pops out a bit. Next, push the ‘Reset’ button and the GFCI will begin functioning again. This means it is all working properly. If nothing happens when you push the ‘Test’ button, there may be a problem with your GFCI. Contact us and we can replace it!

These are just a few ways that you, the homeowner, can gain a better understanding of your electrical systems, as well as what to look for in order to keep your home and family safe. If you are ever in doubt about whether or not your home is at-risk of electrical or fire hazards, don’t hesitate to call a professional!