Think Safe: Receptacles

Electrical safety is paramount on the job site, but did you know that electrical safety starts at home?

Let's talk specifically about receptacles today. Receptacles in our homes are something we all take for granted, and just don't really think much about on a daily basis. Receptacles can pose significant safety hazards though, especially for children.

Winema Electric, Inc recommends that, if you have children, you install safety caps on the receptacles in your home. Not only does this keep small children from tampering with the receptacles, or inserting items into them, but did you know it can also save energy? Yes, you heard that right! Covering outlets will help save energy by stopping cold drafts from entering.

Don't want to spend money on safety caps, or maybe your child figured out how to pull them out? We've got you covered! Tamper-resistant receptacles are ushering in a new era in the electrical industry. These nifty devices help keep objects out, such as that set of keys the kiddo is trying to fit into the plug under the desk!

Installing these tamper-resistant receptacles in new residential construction is the current standard per the National Electrical Code,  but we can also replace your old receptacles with these new tamper-resistant receptacles, making your home a safer place for small children. Better yet, they are quite affordable!

Give us a call for a quote and we will get you taken care of!